Musey is a Chadic language of the Masa branch spoken in southwestern Chad. Documents on this page were compiled by Aaron Shryock during the 1990’s based on field work in the Musey-speaking area.

From Shryock (1995), Page 3


Aaron M. Shryock, “Consonants and tone in Musey,” ms. UCLA, ca. 1992.

Aaron M. Shryock, “The nominal tonology of Musey,” ms. UCLA, 1993.

Aaron M. Shryock, “Investigating laryngeal contrasts: an acoustic study of the consonants of Musey,” Working Papers in Phonetics 89, UCLA Department of Linguistics, 1995.

Research on this dissertation was supported by an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (BNS 9113377). It is also available from the eScholarthip Respository, University of California,

Aaron M. Shryock with Mindy Palomo and Colleen Martin in collaboration with Soumoussi Robert, Deoussou Gaspard, et Damtheou Sadjoli, Dictionnaire pratique du musey (Musey-Français, Français-Musey), N’Djaména, Tchad, 1998.

Aaron M. Shryock, A Dictionary of Musey (Dictionnaire Moussey-Anglais-Français), Maroua, Cameroon, 2010.

Research was supported by NSF Research Grant BCS-9411160 (Russell G. Schuh, Principal Investigator). Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.
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