Hausar Baka: Hausa Language and Culture Online Course

“Gani Ya Kori Ji”

HAUSAR BAKA is a set of 3 videotapes comprising about 5 hours of natural interaction in Hausa. Filmed in and around Kano, Nigeria, the more than 90 individual video segments show a broad range of cultural milieus, from domestic interaction in families through a tour of Daura, the site where, according to legend, the seven Hausa states originated. The segments are arranged in groups, beginning with greetings and simple question-answer dialogs, advancing through more complex interaction and narrative. Over fifty different individuals–men and women, children and adults–appear in the videos, representing a broad range of speaking styles.

Now available for use with the videos are a full transcript, a Hausa-English vocabulary of all the words in the videos, and an exercise manual for studying the Hausa language in conjunction with the videos.

Part 1: Sassaukar Hausa 
Part 2: Harkokin Yau da Kullum
Part 3: Kayayyaki da Sana’o’i 
Part 4: Wasannin Kwaikwayo 
Part 5: Tarihi da Aladu 

Beginning Credits

Closing Credits

Video List

Hausa Online Grammar

Vocabulary Files:

  1. Vocabulary A-G
  2. Vocabulary H-K
  3. Vocabulary L-R
  4. Vocabulary S-Z

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