Wolof Course – Chapter 3

‘Have’ and Perfective Sentences

Lesson 1: Neutral Sentences

Video transcriptions, discussion of the perfective illustrated with ‘have’, and exercises


‘have’ descriptions #1 (Ch_03_Le_01_1_have_desc_1)

‘have’ descriptions #2 (Ch_03_Le_01_1_have_desc_2)

Lesson 2: Subject Focus/Non-Subject Focus

Video transcription, discussion of the perfective with focused elements, and exercises


‘have’ Q & A (Ch_03_Le_02_have_Q_A)

Lesson 3: Completed vs. Incomplete Actions

Video transcriptions, discussion of expressing completed vs. ongoing actions, and exercises


Actions 1: Nurayni leaves (Ch_03_Le_03_actions_1_N_leaves)

Actions 2: Gallaay visits (Ch_03_Le_03_actions_2_G_visits)

Actions 3: Descriptions (Ch_03_Le_03_actions_3_descriptions)

Actions 4: Descriptions Q & A (Ch_03_Le_03_actions_4_Q_and_A)

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Chapter 2: Identifying People and Things

Chapter 3: ‘have’ and Perfective Sentences

Chapter 4: Numbers and Counting

Chapter 5: Describing People and Things 

Supplementary lessons

Listening practice

Transcripts of all videos

Vocabulary for all lessons


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