Supplementary lessons

These are culturally related lessons that have been used in first year Wolof classes at UCLA. They are recommended as supplements to the video-based lessons. They would be appropriate for second semester Wolof students.

Senegaal, Rééwu Terànga (Senegal, Land of Hospitality)

The lesson describes modern Senegal and some of the important features of the country and people who have shaped the nation.

Senegaal, Rééwu Terànga

Senegal History and Ethnicities

The lesson gives some of the background of the early history of what is now Senegal and the various ethnicities that comprise its people.

Senegal History and Ethnicities

Dakar and Gore

The lesson describes the capital of Senegal, and historical Gore Island.

Dakar and Gore

Eating and Meals

These lessons have as their theme, eating and meals. The first is a rather simply lesson about friends sharing a meal. The second is about a meal in a family context. The third is about eating in a restaurant in Dakar.

Aamadu dafa xiif

Waxtu Añ

Restaurant Banneex

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Supplementary lessons

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