Wolof Course – Chapter 4

Numbers and Counting

Lesson 1: Numbers

Video transcriptions, discussion of numbers, and exercises with numbers


Numbers (Ch_04_Le_01_1_numbers)

Adding (Ch_04_Le_01_2_adding)

Lesson 2: Money

Lesson on money in Senegal [LESSON IS CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE]

Senegalese money

Lesson 3: Asking and Telling Time in Wolof

How to tell time and use time expessions and exercises

Lesson 4: Days and Daily Activities

Expressions for describing everday activities and exercises

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Chapter 1: Sounds and Greetings

Chapter 2: Identifying People and Things

Chapter 3: ‘have’ and Perfective Sentences

Chapter 4: Numbers and Counting

Chapter 5: Describing People and Things 

Supplementary lessons

Listening practice

Transcripts of all videos

Vocabulary for all lessons

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