Relevant links for studying Hausa

Below are links to other web sources of information on Hausa. If you know about links that should be added, please contact us.

Hausa online dictionaries

General information about the language and culture

  • great site with links to information on the Hausa speaking world, including links to Hausa broadcasting, etc.
  • Hausa on the Ethnologue: Basic information on language affiliation. population, and ethnography
  • Our own Hausa page online grammar
  • Dandali.comnice pictures and playable music files from Mamman Shata and other famous Hausa poets and musicians
  • Uwe Seibert’s Hausa Online weblog: very informative site with many more links than are available here

Radio broadcasting in Hausa

Further resources on Hausa language and culture, including an online Hausa course:

Hausar Baka Online Course

Hausa online grammar

Hausa Poetry and Songs

Hausa-English-German online dictionary

Hausa language variation and dialects

Hausa printed resources 

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